Friday, April 2, 2010

Programming Solutions by Language

"Rosetta Code is a programming chrestomathy site. The idea is to present solutions to the same task in as many different languages as possible, to demonstrate how languages are similar and different, and to aid a person with a grounding in one approach to a problem in learning another. Rosetta Code currently has 387 tasks, and covers 225 languages, though we do not (and cannot) have solutions to every task in every language.
A variety of tasks are listed, and visitors to this site are invited to solve the tasks in the language of their choice. The tasks cover everything from the mundane Empty Program to the classic Towers of Hanoi, the practical User Input, the mathematically-inclined Lucas-Lehmer test, and the involved yet entertaining RCRPG."

//SnailviN -- Based on one of its labels, this site is just for reference. Please do not rely on it too much because you will not experience the problems and will not learn it by yourself. =3 Hope this helps.


  1. ngaun ko lang to narinig ah.. Kapangalan nya ung egyptian relic.. rosetta stone.. hehe

  2. the rosetta stone contained 3 different languages,,